Classic Cord Flare - Red Corduroy Bell Bottom Flares (Red Cords)

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Classic Cord Flare - Red Corduroy Bell Bottom Flares (Red Cords)

These beauties have been specifically designed by flare wearers, for flare wearers, and we think we’ve got it just about spot on.

They have been designed to fit tight on the thigh and then kick out from the knee, bell bottom stylee. We've also created them with a low waist for comfort

Red Cord, 100% cotton, 11 wale cord.

Please note that these flares do not sit on the waist, they sit on the hips and so please expect them to be low!!!

The flare measures a little over 13 inches when laid flat (so that's 26 inches altogether).

These have been designed to be a uni-sex jean

Please note that this item was lovingly designed and made in Leicester (the original home of British textile, knitwear, hosiery & shoe manufacturing) in the UK. No sweatshops were used and nobody was exploited, so shop guilt free!

We like to think that buying British is a good thing...Please help support local business!!!!!!!

For a good size conversion chart, visit this link to convert the sizes to your specific region:



We make this style in: stonewash (light blue) denim, indigo (dark blue) denim, dark brown cords, light brown cords, navy blue cords, light blue cords, black cords, grey cords, burgundy cords, beige cords, khaki cords. Check our other listings for more colors & styles.

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from New York
stuart sweeney
from Toronto


They are nice and light, feeling around 9-10oz, soft and free of loose threads. The cut is amazing and not so low on the hips to where they look like girl pants. The colour is extremely vibrant and the back pocket embroidery is subtle and suitable for the style. Feels like a time machine for your legs!

Condition: New
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