Behind the Tymes – Vol 1 – A Fuzzdandy Mix of UK Soft Psych, Post Psych & Popsike from 1969 to 1976


About 10 years ago we made a series of themed mixes for blogs & forums. We called those compilations “Behind the Tymes”. It was a mix of psychedelic tunes that sounded slightly behind the times between 1969 to mid 70’s. Basically artists making psychedelic music in the post-psych period which, ideally would not have been compiled anywhere else previously  (a couple have since appeared on compilations.)
We were initially inspired to make these compilations after hearing Jörgen Johansson’s Fading Yellow Volume 5, a flawless compilation of 1970’s soft psychedelic album tracks. So if you love that volume you should understand & hopefully dig Behind The Tymes. We started with UK only artists on volume 1 & eventually made a US based mix with volume 2 & then a worldwide mix with volume 3. We really dug deep to find the tunes but think it was worth the hours spent when we listened back.

A few years later we started a: “Behind The Tymes” twitter page but we now post everything on our: Fuzzdandy Music Account..

Unfortunately a few of the tunes we originally mined are not currently available on Apple Music or Spotify, but we have re-compiled volume 1 with a few extras to make up for whatever is missing from apple music or Spotify’s current library. We will add those missing tracks at a later date.. if they ever appear on either of those hosts.


1)  Galliard – Open up your Mind (from new dawn 1970)
2)  Strawbs – Where is this Dream of My Youth (from s/t 1969)
3)  Cochise – lost hearts (from swallow tails 1971)
4)  Quicksand – empty street empty heart (Home is where I belong 1973)
5)  Stackridge – Percy the penguin (from S/T 1970)
6)  Lindisfarne – Lady Eleanor (from nicely out of tune 1970)
7)  Gringo – Emma & Harry (from S/T 1971)
8)  Byzantium – I am a stranger to my life (from S/T 1972)
9)  Pacific drift – grain of sand (from feelin free 1970)
10) Dave cousins – two weeks last summer (from two weeks last summer 1972)
11) Jackson Heights – bebop (from ragamuffins fool 1972)
12) Ironbridge – getting older (from S/T 1973)
13) Clifford T Ward – jigsaw girl (from escalator 1975)
14) The Pretty Things – Peter (from freeway madness 1973)
15) Richmond – Clifftop (from frightened 1973)
16) Alan Hull – Picture a Little Girl (from squire 1975)
17) Camel – spirit of the water (From Moonmadness 1976)
18) Mother nature – where did she go? (From orange days and purple nights 1971 single)
19) Marvin, Welch & Farrar- (From S/T 1971)
20) Trader Horne – here comes the rain (from here comes the rain 1970 single)
21) Music motor (Swinging blue jeans) – where am I going (from happy 1970 single)