Corporal Copycat’s Phoney Hearts Club Bands: 60’s Sgt Pepper-esque Artists – Volume 1

I used to run a twitter account called Beatlealikes where I would just track down anything Beatlesque with the help of me mate Pete from Bite it Deep & post a YouTube link on twitter. After a while I started to categorise those tracks into groups of which Beatles album they sounded most influenced by. So I started putting together compilations of Beatlesque albums. I decided to start with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I also felt it was time to make a follow up to “Pepperisms from Around the Globe”.. a fantastic compilation of 60’s artists who sounded heavily influenced by Sgt. Pepper. Pepperisms Volume 2 never materialised so I thought I’d make one for myself & anyone else who is interested.

The release of Sgt. Pepper’s in 1967 brought with it a new angle for other artists to approach recording. Pepper ripped the remaining pages from the recording rule book that were left after the release of Revolver. It opened up the same possibilities to all bands, whether established or confined to the garage. Bands previously obsessed with The Beatles would now need to up their game in the studio, cleaning up their sound & bringing their instruments right into the listeners faces, using extra compression dynamics & new miking techniques. They could incorporate classical instruments into their songs, they could go all vaudeville, go back or forward in time for inspiration, they could make songs for kids as well as intellectuals, use world instruments & make sound collages.. anything goes, and do all of these things on one album.

Weirdly, despite Pepper’s widespread influence, it isn’t actually that easy to find obscure 60’s songs or albums that mimic Sgt. Pepper. It’s far easier to find albums that took inspiration from it & used this new licence to explore artistically in their own unique way. I have tried my best here to match each song in order of the original album, but it wasn’t always possible, maybe because their actually isn’t a complete rip off of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds out there, or there is one & I haven’t discovered it yet. What I have tried to do is find a mood or lyrical theme that matches each song on Pepper. Each track also had to sound Beatlesque, so either the forced Liverpudlian vocal, or the overall sound had to be to a certain Beatles standard. I’ve added extra sound effects from other 60’s artists also to fill in the gaps.

This is Volume 1, Volume 2 is on the way. Cheers.

  1.  Tune Up – Faine Jade (Sgt. Pepper’s Intro) 1968
  2.  Lady Riga – Amen Corner (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band) 1969
  3.  Helping You Out – The Colours (With a Little Help from My Friends) 1968
  4. Captain Nemo – The Sundowners (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)
  5. Follow My Footsteps – The News (Getting Better) 1968
  6.  Lady in Lace – The Stained Glass (Fixing a Hole) 1968
  7. The Lady Who Said She Could Fly – The Idle Race (She’s Leaving Home) 1968
  8.  Opus#1 – The American Revolution (Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!) 1968
  9. Which Dreamed it – Boeing Duveen (Within You Without You) 1968
  10. Old Time Mover – John Bromley (When I’m Sixty-Four) 1969
  11. Soda Pop Man – The Back Alley (Lovely Rita) 1968
  12. Take Action – the Twilights (Good Morning Good Morning) 1968
  13. Bessy Goodheart – The Aerovons (Animal Sound FX) 1969 
  14. The MACB Theme – The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band (Sgt. Pepper’s Reprise) 1968
  15. Just Because I’ve Fallen Down – The Buckinghams (A Day in the Life) 1968
  16. The Biggest Night of Her Life – The Nashville Teens (A Day in the Life Part II) 1967
  17. I’m Here – Thomas Edisun’s Electric Light Bulb Band (Inner Groove) 1968

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2 thoughts on “Corporal Copycat’s Phoney Hearts Club Bands: 60’s Sgt Pepper-esque Artists – Volume 1

  1. Hey, this is a really fun concept. I have also spent a lot of time tracking down Beatles soundalikes, and even trying to find analogues for each individual song! Would love to see what you have found in terms of soundalikes for other Beatles eras as well!

    You would probably find this site interesting that I found a few years back:

    I did not create this site, but the person who did had a similar goal of reconstructing Beatles albums using similar sounding songs. He only got as far as Sgt Pepper it looks like, but this site turned me on to a lot of great music. Click through the albums and check out the soundalike tracks! And hopefully I’ll see some more soundalike Beatles compilations from you in the future!


    • Ah yea that site looks good, thanks very much. Yes I’ve got stuff for all albums so will stick out a mix for each one at some point. Thanks again man! Also, check out my mates blog Bite it Deep. Really good source of obscure 60’s & 70’s pop & psych.

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