Paul McCartney – Egypt Station 2018 Album Review ….

Well in Macca! Egypt Station is a proper McCartney album, and in my opinion as solid as his 2005 album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. Paul sounds full of fun & energy, the voice is sounding good & the songs are varied & as melodic as some of his best.
The production definitely plays it’s part in lifting the album to a standard that an artist like Paul McCartney deserves. It’s atmospheric & earthy in places, ultra poppy in others. There are stand out cuts of course, but it certainly works as a whole piece without the need for skipping… well almost.. The Marmite track on Egypt Station is “Fuh You”. It sticks out a bit to & disturbs the flow a little.  This is probably down to the change in producer for that one track. Ryan Tedder (previously worked with Backstreet Boys, Ed Sheeran, One Direction) produced “Fuh You” & also had a hand in writing it. The sped up vocal responses in the choruses for instance may not have been added if it was produced by the albums main producer Greg Kurstin (previously worked with Beck, The Shins, Foo Fighters). It maybe shouldn’t have been considered for the album & instead released as a separate EP with the other McCartney/Tedder collaborations from the same sessions. Some people (not me) can’t stand “Ebony & Ivory” yet it closes one of McCartney’s finest solo albums, and like “Tug of War” I reckon in time “Egypt Station” will be regarded as one of Pauls finest solo albums. A triumph.

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