Take it Away – The Complete Paul McCartney Archive Podcast Review

We’ve been enjoying this podcast series by Ryan Brady & Chris Mercer. Each Episode picks apart a McCartney solo or Wings album, track by track, in chronological order.

For McCartney fans, this podcast promises “no more lonely nights” (yesss!) & car journeys from heaven. Ryan & Chris’ love for McCartney can clearly be felt & they must have done their homework in prep for each episode. They have a good handle on the history of each track & comprehensive knowledge regarding the technical side of the recordings.

As well as the history, the recording details & the general Macca chit chat, they play generous snippets of each track they discuss. Which is always nice when people are discussing the details of a song. Whether it’s talking about music, a scene from a film or whatever, it’s helpful to have that instant reference. The shows always start with a nice cheesy, Macca friendly synth version of “Martha My Dear” too which will kick each episode off for you with a smile.

One thing that did surprise me about the series was which of the tracks they deemed as mediocre or disliked. I mean we all have those Macca tracks we tend to skip past or, yeah.. dislike, but there did seem to be quite a few of those. I was particularly surprised at their luke warm summary of McCartney, Maccas 1970 debut solo album, one of my all time favourite albums. I would occasionally find myself responding to them in disbelief.. “what?? “That Would be Something?? that’s a great track!” or.. “the medley on Red Rose Speedway?? How can you not love that??”…. “Live & Let Die? C’mon! Surely you like that??”. It is interesting how opinions differ between fellow Macca enthusiasts. Also, personally I’m not bothered about dissecting lyrics or finding meanings in them etc. Gobbledegook or not I just love the hooks Macca creates in the way he puts words together.

I think that their opinions & critique add to what makes this a really interesting listen though. Probably the kind of things you would debate or disagree with your mates over down the pub. Actually, that is what this series is like, like being with your mates, discussing every single Macca solo track in order. Singing the parts you like to each other, laughing, disagreeing. Not a bad idea that.. must text the lads.

In summary Take it Away is bloody great. Every Macca fan will enjoy it.

Listen to the series here…..

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