The Beatles Sgt Pepper Sessions in Pictures. Check our Pinterest Board

I like everything about sgt pepper era Beatles. Apart from the music, it’s the way they changed. The shorter hair, the sergeant major style clipped moustaches, their outfits & even just the way they looked..they all looked slimmer & wiser somehow. In 1966 The Beatles were donning their out grown mop tops & smart suits. They were cleanly shaven but looking jaded & they left the world with a cliff hanger Tomorrow Never Knows. This track was the highly experimental, possibly eternally timeless final track on their 1966 album Revolver. The Beatles then went eerily quiet for 6 months, unusually so for them, sparking rumours of a break up & prompting sections of the media to report that the band had lost their creative edge & it was all coming to a spluttering, disappointing end.  You can imagine how eager the band must have been, sitting in Abbey Road’s studio 2, anxious to reveal their next single to prove everybody wrong. Then they jump out of their supposed slumber with a big “SSSURPRISE!” and they release the most advanced pop record in history, Strawberry Fields Forever, re-emerging from the shadows, looking like a gay section from the American civil war.

I love to imagine what I would’ve been feeling had I been alive at the time, impatiently waiting to hear what my favourite band were going to do next & then being slapped around the face with Strawberry Fields, a knockout blow! For anyone who wasn’t around at the time of it’s release it’s easy to just accept that song as just, a great song. But I’m guessing in 1967 it was like hearing. ..well basically like hearing nothing you’d ever heard before, or even thought possible of hearing in the future. A huge step forward, a progression, fast forwarding everybody else in popular culture towards new horizons & opportunities. And this was just the first taster of what the band had been up to all those months. The album, Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was coming next & this was to contain more of the same. Big, new sounds, new song structures & concepts. It’s just a really interesting, intriguing period in The Beatles history, which was the turning point to a completely new approach for the band & every other band around at that time.

We’ve been collecting images of the Pepper sessions for a while & have cross referenced what we found with the “Complete Recording Sessions” book & the “Recording The Beatles” book for dates. We checked on what days they wore what clothes so we know what session they were currently involved in on each picture we found. Check out the collection so far on our Pinterest board.

Our Sgt Pepper Sessions Pinterest Board HERE..

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