Music From Big Pink Wannabes – A Fuzzdandy Mix of 70’s Artists that Sound Like The Band

If you like The Band but you’ve listened to the albums, you dig them but wish they’d made another album, maybe around 1970 time, then this Compilation should appease you. We’ve been searching, listening & compiling this mix for about 3 years, it will probably be an ongoing playlist which we add to as we find more, but this makes a terrific Band-esque album as it is. We actually found lots more tracks which were not available on Apple Music so we couldn’t add those, but luckily the majority were available.
Uncut made a similar compilation available in 2005 as a free CD, but that was made up mostly of modern artists & no real rarities. We wanted the mix to sound authentic, so we’ve made sure all of the tracks were recorded in 1969 – early 70’s. Some artists clearly want to be The Band, but a few I’m sure actually inspired The Band’s sound.

Track Listing & Album Info:

  1. Street people – Bobby Charles (from s/t 1972)
  2. Hoona spoona – Hungry Chuck (from s/t 1972)
  3. Roll em down – Morning (from s/t 1970)
  4. Lay me back – Alvin Lee & Mylon Lefevre (from on the road to freedom 1973)
  5. Yazoo City Jail – Roger Tillison (from Roger Tillison’s Album 1970)
  6. Trouble – Little Feat (from sailin’ shoes 1972)
  7. The slow one – Brinsley Schwarz (from despite it all 1970)
  8. Humming bird – Leon Russell (from s/t 1970)
  9. I won’t go through that again – Goose creek symphony (from welcome to goose creek 1970)
  10. Good morning Mr. Railroad man – Ry Cooder (from boomer’s story 1972)
  11. Motorcycle man – John Simon (from John Simon’s album 1971)
  12. Malt & barley blues – McGuinness flint (from happy birthday Ruthy baby 1971)
  13. In no resistance – Frankie Miller (from once in a blue moon 1972)
  14. Wallflower – Doug Sahm (from Doug Sahm & his band 1973)
  15. Raid on bush creek in 39 – Goos Creek Symphony (from est 1970 1970)
  16. Fool for a cigarette – Ry Cooder (from paradise & lunch 1970)
  17. Tannenbaum – John Simon (from John Simon’s album 1971)

Apple Music Playlist:
Music From Big Pink Wannabes. (A Collection of Tracks by Artists that Sound Like The Band.)

Music From Big Pink Wannabes. (A Collection of Tracks by Artists that Sound Like The Band.)


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